The world is on the verge of breaking stereotypes of various kinds. Since the beginning of civilization, there have


INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY: Breaking Men’s Stereotypes through Digital Media

November 19, 2021


The world is on the verge of breaking stereotypes of various kinds. Since the beginning of civilization, there have been a lot of stereotypes about different things. 

Society has evolved from Men being referred to as the dominant gender to men being ignored and left vulnerable.

Most suicides in the world are committed by men which is four times that of women. The stats are there which proves men are also threatened and they feel left out too. Since childhood, the pragmatic society of ours teaches us that Men are meant to be strong and that we are the dominant gender but it is not the reality. 


Here are some of the common stereotypes about Men:

  • Men shouldn’t like the color pink because it represents feminine traits.
  • Men shouldn’t pursue careers in creative fields, rather they should be athletic and play sports.
  • Men shouldn’t care and spend time with family because it makes them less masculine.
  • Men who don’t like violence and are non-aggressive are likely to be gay.
  • Men should act tough even when they are scared and nervous.
  • Men shouldn’t engage in household chores because it is a feminine task. 
  • Men can’t raise children because it requires a female hand. 

These Stereotypes create disparity and confusion among us. Men can feel weak too. They deserve to have a shoulder to cry on when they feel low. They shouldn’t be forced to act strong when the situation is bad. The attitude of masculinity present in our society is trash and toxic and should be changed. They shouldn’t be told “be a man” or “suck it up”. 

Why is Men’s Day celebrated?

This year’s theme of Men’s day is “better relations between men and women”. It is primarily celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of men towards society. If you are of the opposite gender, you can celebrate this day with your father, brother, boyfriend, and other male friends by telling them how much they mean to you and that they have you to count on. 

There are six pillars of objectives of why Men’s day is celebrated. 

  • Valuing male role models
  • Acknowledging the contribution of men and boys
  • Improving male health
  • Tackling discrimination and disadvantage
  • Fostering positive gender relations
  • Making the world a safer place for everyone

Why do these stereotypes need to be broken?

We shouldn’t judge a human-based on their preferences. We live in a free world so people should have the freedom to choose their likes and dislikes. Judging people based on theirs taste is wrong from every angle. We humans learn new things every day and evolve to be better beings. So, these kinds of derivations should be avoided at all costs.

Digital Media and these Stereotypes

The first solution to every problem is reacting to it. These kinds of stereotypes need to be dealt with from the grassroots level. 

Many people have adopted social media platforms to speak out about their likes and dislikes. People have started to come out of the closet with the help of social media. In 2021, Celebrities like Kal Penn, T.J Osborne, Ronen Rubinstein, and many more have already used digital platforms to reveal their gender identity to the world.

People need to have their say so that they will feel belonged in this society. With that, Digital Platforms has assisted a lot. 

Carl Nassib, who is the first NBA player to identify himself as gay told:

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but I finally feel comfortable enough to get it off my chest


Join the movement against breaking these types of Men’s stereotypes in society and make our society a better place to live.

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