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Tik Tok as a Marketing Platform - OnlineZeal Tik Tok as a Marketing Platform - OnlineZeal


Whenever the word ‘Tik Tok’ is pronounced aloud, one thing always comes to our mind and that is content. Tik


Tik Tok as a Marketing Platform

December 02, 2021

Whenever the word ‘Tik Tok’ is pronounced aloud, one thing always comes to our mind and that is content. Tik Tok has changed the way of marketing a brand or a product in today’s world. With over 689 million active users currently, Tik Tok leads the way in terms of engagement in comparison to other digital platforms.

What is Tik Tok and why is it so popular?

Tik Tok has become a center of attraction for influencers. But how did it become so popular? 

Well like any other app, Tik Tok was also struggling in the market at the beginning. Launched as in 2014, it failed to leave a mark among the audience. But after 2016 when it was getting the talks in town, a Chinese company named Bytedance launched an updated version of and called it Tik Tok. 

Well, Tik Tok knows no barriers should stop anyone from being creative and enjoying the content.

Kids of age 13 to elderly people, anyone can post and enjoy this awesome platform. The most followed creator on this platform is 17 yr kid Charlie D’Amelio(130M) followed by the funny guy Khaby Lame(122M) 

Celebrities like Gordon Ramsey, Will Smith, Selena Gomez, are actively engaged in this platform. 

Tik Tok Marketing

The minimal competency between the businesses and products to meet the large chunk of the audience is what inspires Tik Tok Marketing. If you opt the right way, you can see your product’s growth then and there. 

For any platform to be used for marketing, two things are most essential: content and engagement. Tik Tok has provided a substantial platform for brands and influencers to promote and showcase their products and services. 

Many big brands like Nike, NBA, Pepsi, etc have adopted the form of marketing through Tik Tok.

How to do marketing on Tik Tok

There needs to be a clear strategy about how you will promote your brand on this platform. There are several ways to do it. Many brands opt for hiring influencers to promote the brand on their channel whereas some brands post their original content on this platform.

Some of the ways to promote your brand in Tik Tok are:

  • Create Original Contents

Originality is respected everywhere. If you are seeking to grow your market on Tik Tok, creating genuine content is very important.

  • Follow Trends:

There are many ongoing trends on Tik Tok you can hop in. If you follow these trends and keep trends around your product, success can be guaranteed.

  • Create trends: 

Don’t always follow trends, create them too. If you start a trend in this platform, many influencers and content creators on this hub will start to follow. This will bring engagement to your content and make your channel grow.

  • Collaborate With Creators:

If you dig into this platform you will find many creators with awesome content. You as a brand owner can always work with these people to create great content for your product. You can strategize about what the audience wants and give them that.

Why Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is currently the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. Tik Tok has many edges over other platforms. Some of them are:

  • Tik Tok provides an easy and simple UI(User-Interface).
  • The contents are of different niches. You can never expect what you will see next on the For You Page.
  • The videos are short and creative as compared to other platforms.
  • Tik Tok’s algorithm supports small content creators if the content is top-notch.

Ads on Tik Tok

Tik Tok provides you with the feature of running your ads. There are various types of ads in Tik Tok like:

  • In-Feed ads
  • Video ads
  • Image ads
  • Spark ads
  • Pangle ads 
  • Carousel ads

You can target your ads based on many parameters like age, gender, geography, etc. This will help to get more precise results.

Role of Tik Tok in Influencer Marketing

We all get influenced by what we see on social media. It is one of the traits of human beings to be influenced by what we see. Influencer Marketing is already a big thing on Facebook and Instagram. It is reported by Adweek that this market on Instagram alone has reached a market value of $10 billion.

Influencers help you to grow your business but it is not always like that. There are various cases where influencers have done things to upset the audience. Cases like PewDiePie’s comments on racism leading to the cancellation of the contract with Walt Disney, Logan Paul posting about a dead man in Japan’s suicide Forest in his vlog are some prominent examples.

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