Digital Marketing

Here are the services that we provide to our customers

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.

The companies that called digital marketing a fluke don’t exist today. Your online presence defines your goodwill. Ignore this spectrum and you lose business.

Digitization has seen massive change within the short span it has emerged. Like they say it, what works today won’t work tomorrow, what worked yesterday may work again.

Over view of digital Marketing

In an ever changing universe, Online Zeal fights your battle for you. We track the behavior of your customers online, we create and design content based on the deep-rooted research from our team and we bring new and innovative ways to always put you in the top of the game.

We craft responsive SMS/Emails, Sleek and eye-catching designs, leverage your Google Ads the right way, make promotional videos, and list you in the top business directories.

Think the best Digital Marketing Company in Kathmandu? Think us!

We plan, create, and deliver. And we make you happy.


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How we help you grow our business.

The goal is customer satisfaction and the key is teamwork.

Our greatest strength is the team of talented individuals who create something extraordinary for you. Whether it’s your website, your social media optimization or SEO, our team makes sure to understand your business. The next step is to know your audience. Through the coordination of our brilliant team, we achieve the impossible.

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Choose Your Best Plan

Basic Plan

Rs. 18500/ per month

Frame Design – 4
Designs – 40
Content -4
Promotional Video -1
Google/Facebook/Youtube Ads -50$
Shop Listing
Free Contest Campaign
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Handling

Choose Plan

Ultra Plan

Rs.1500000/ per month

Creative Designs – 12
Creative Content – 12
Promotional Video -1
Google/Facebook/Youtube Ads -30$
Bulk SMS Marketing – 500
Bulk Email Marketing – 2500
Free Festive Design
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Handling
Directory Listing

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Premium Plan

Rs. 2499900/ per month

Branding Design – 16
Branding Content – 16
Search Engine Optimization – 3 Keywords
Brand Guidelines
Google/Facebook/Youtube Ads – 60$
Bulk SMS Marketing -15000
Bulk Email Marketing -5000
Logo Optimization
Promotional Video -2
Branding Concept Building

Choose Plan

Our services are conveniently priced to give you the best at less. Depending on your requirements, we will build out a plan that works best for you.

Pricing is typically based on these factors:

  • Requirements of the client
  • Number of days required to complete the work
  • Resources and manpower required
  • Additional changes that may be needed in the future

All you have to do is fill this brief form and we can discuss your requirements in detail.