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Frequently Asked Questions

What Healing Techniques Holistic Doctors Vouch For?

Diagnostic procedures in Ayurveda are two-pronged; one is aimed to establish the state and type of pathology and second to decide the mode of treatment to be applied. The former implies an examination of the patient and make different investigations to diagnose the disease entity. The second type of examination is to assess the strength and physical status of the individual so that accordingly the type of management required could be planned.

About 20 years back, W.H.O. adopted the Traditional Medicine program in conjunction with the goal of health for all with the adoption of the primary health care approach. W.H.O. has an open mind on Traditional Medicine. However, it endorses only that therapy which has solid scientific evidence with no toxicity. In view of this Ayurveda is duly recognized by W.H.O.

If not indicated otherwise by the attending physician, Ayurveda Medicines can generally be taken along with pathological medicines. Moreover, Ayurveda Medicines are used as adjutant to pathological medicines in most of the chronic and degenerative diseases.

In the hands of licensed practitioner acupuncture is a very safe, pain-free, effective, treatment for many acute and chronic conditions that have been used for thousands of years.